Ling scouting turned bad

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I think I perhaps saw you on the way back. Were you hugging the shore? I was watching a smaller boat struggling against the waves...looked like a wet ride. Glad you made it back safe.

PM me and I'll send you my phone JIC you ever want to pull out at our launch. It will save you a couple miles and allow you to pull out in a protected bay.
Yep thay was us Eric. It was wet but not a huge deal. Had I felt in danger at all I would have ran into your marina and sat it out for sure.

Ill definitely shoot you a pm and exchange numbers.

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Nick, if it's any consolation, several boats were damaged in that big wind event yesterday. And one of those who got stuck was a friend who had to be rescued by the Coast Guard. The morning forecast was not calling for wind gusts of 40 knots and more.
Every mariner on this board has a story just like this. After 7 seasons in Alaska, I have a few myself. Getting surprised by unfavorable conditions is an inevitability. Even with all of the best tools, every once in a while, you're going to be ambushed by nasty weather. What you choose to do when it happens is what's important. Sounds like you chose well.


I got married in Roche on Saturday and had planned to take my boat out of Anacortes for the day but it was evident from the marine forecasts all week that it wasn't going to happen. I'm a little surprised that anyone who was watching the forecasts wouldn't have seen this coming. Marine forecasts all week had been less than favorable for the weekend and by Friday evening, we knew it was going to be pretty bad. We waited until Saturday morning to make the final call on whether to jump in my boat or take the ferry.

Coming back on the ferry Saturday afternoon thru Rosario Strait was the worst I've been on in Puget Sound or whatever it's referred to up there. Glad it all turned out ok!

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Having been a blue-water sailor since I was about 12 or 13, I'm familiar with "No shit; there we were!". We came close to losing a boat once coming back from a Swiftsure years ago, and I'd not like to repeat that little adventure. Even a day-trip in the slot in SF bay can be really ugly. Sounds like a decent piloting job, Nick, and some lessons learned, which happens every time one gets the boat into the water.


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My first salt boat was a 15' tiderunner cuddy. One very bad day after crossing inner Elliot to pull pots the SW-erlys were so bad and we were taking water over the bow. I aborted the short crossing back to W Seattle and called the Harbor master. He was gracious enough to let us snug up to the fuel dock inside the marina. I called a cab to take me back to my tow rig and trailer. Sometimes the best decisions are to find safety versus trying to push back under those conditions. We had a similar experience coming back from a great day of fishing in Westport in the 17' Sea Chaser. Bar crossing and heading out was fine but coming back took some major pounding. Glad to hear you made it back, you'll feel sore owed backs and kidneys from that experience.


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Pretty crappy this morning
Had to commit to launching the boat early because of the falling tide
Looked nice but the wind came up fast
Thought I could troll some. Flies at least
Couldn't get kicker going fuel line issue
Then the main wouldn't start
Getting pushed on the beach at greens point
The leak in the kicker fuel line caused a vacuum leak in main line through the fuel filter
Once I turned off the valve to the kicker it was fine
Fished some more and realized I wasn't having fun anymore
so I Bashed through the chop across Carr
Put it up in the mud and went home before the hail hit
Only other boat that I saw was another Grady
Yep thay was us Eric. It was wet but not a huge deal. Had I felt in danger at all I would have ran into your marina and sat it out for sure.

Ill definitely shoot you a pm and exchange numbers.
If you have a smart phone get the app called Weather Bug. It has a live radar screen that allows you to see what is headed our way. Great app.

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