Easter Searuns

After a very busy year work wise, I finally got out and hit one of my favorite beaches. There were fry everywhere in a wide range of sizes, from 1" to 3.5". I stuck with a small, sparse fry fly and found about half a dozen cutthroat willing to chase. Three were about 14", the others all broke 16", so I was more than happy. All of the fish showed themselves chasing bait, and I had to run up and down the beach to cast to them. I didn't hook up once blind casting. It reminded me of the chaos of chasing resident coho in the narrows. Frustrating, but a blast.

I also finally got my pup out to a beach. She's pretty much a pain in the ass to fish with still, at only four months, but she saw her first cutthroat, and helped me shuck oysters. We had a great morning, one I hope to duplicate tomorrow.

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Way to go and must have been a fun day! The fish in the first photo is sure a big, fat beauty. I wish our dog loved water as much as your dog does.

I'll send you a PM in the next day or so.



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Man I wanted to get out sooooo bad yesterday.... Came down sick last Thursday and couldn't drag my a$$ out yesterday

Nice post! Good to see others getting into em a bit.

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Nice looking fish.I show the pixs to my wife she said "that's a very nice looking net". You guessed it she does not fish. Oh ya she also liked your pup. Glad someone is landing a few nice once.
Thanks guys! It was a great morning. I went back out today and as is typical with src, they had moved on. I had a couple of slashes on top and landed one small cutt. I realized how much I like taking pictures of fish, so bought the net a couple of years ago. It's a pain to haul around, but so much better on them since they don't scrape themselves on barnacles and rocks. Gives them a second to catch their breath too.

Pup did better today, she is so funny, won't leave my side. Going to be a great dog, thanks to WFF member Gary Thompson for sending her my way!

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Curious about your fly rod.Is that jungle cock on your rods feral. Good on you for getting your pup out. Mine is eight years old and still starts to whimper if I spend to much time out in the water.
the jungle cock feather on the top side of the ferrule is something I've never seen before, but it looks outstanding. It's been a long time since I've built a rod, but the next time I do, that is going to be a feature. Really nice touch.
Pups name is Claudia, Alex, and she's the main reason my fishing has been cut short this year! She owes me big time, she's like a second job, but at least a fun one! Definitely spoiled already too!

Thanks for noticing the rod guys, that is JC, and it's an Orvis Hydros 6wt, awesome stick. I put a nail on each ferrule. I was hesitant at first, but I think it looks awesome. One if my favorite builds. I'll post a couple pictures when I get a chance in the rod building forum. I quit building them after I broke that rod twice in a single season hitting the blank with clousers in heavy wind. Getting a naked repaired section bank after two months and having to rebuild it got old. That and I was never happy with how my epoxy layed out.

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