FS Yeti Cooler blowout, first come first serve, half off!

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So, we have 2 Yeti Coolers here at the shop we need to unload. One is the Roadie 20, perfect for the quick day get-away or maybe an afternoon with the family. The other is the Tundra 35, a really nice smaller fishing cooler, great for a drift boat or raft too.

Retail on the Roadie 20 is $250. Half off today, $125.

Retail on the Tundra 35 is $300. Half off today, $150.

Call the shop or stop in, again, first come first serve, thanks admins and site owners!

(253) 472-2420

If only...

I bet it would be great to ship to California!

Let me know if the 25 sits and you are able to ship.

I have a 65 and would love a smaller option.
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