Fishing opportunity on the Situk

Three of us are heading up to Yaktat in early May for four days of steelheading on the Situk. We had a fourth but he got injured last weekend and can't make it.
Here's the deal: We fly up three pontoon boats. Each guy gets to float the river for three days and spend one day bank fishing and spotting the rental truck at the takeout for the others. We have all made this trip multiple times and know the river fairly well.
I estimate my cost (flying from Seattle) will be around $1700-$2000. This includes the airfare (currently $750), extra baggage ($150 per man to fly the boats round trip), lodging for 5 nights (cabin with kitchen, washer/dryer, etc) and rental truck. That leaves food, gas, miscellaneous expenses.

We're booked to leave Sunday, May 4th and return Friday, May 9th. If anyone is interested in getting in on this, please call Mike at 206.719.1028 to get more details.