Fenwick FF856-5, It is rated for a 6# weight line

Has anyone here tried it with a 5# Nymph Taper? Also, I am moving away from Bamboo, and prefer Fiberglass and the old school graphite like the Fenwick HMG. I have a Winston IM6 which I do not like. It is to wimpy imho. I realize this is a Bamboo/Fiberglass board, but I was wondering what are some of the old school medium action graphite rods people prefer. I am looking to get rid of the 1M6 and would like an older 3 to 4 piece graphite rod, but do not know much about them since I got into bamboo early into my flyfishing hobby.

To be honest, I cannot stand most of the new graphite rods, and I have tried quite a few. I think the are too fast and they do not have the beef to battle big fish. I know people will differ, but this is what I think. By the way, I still use my W.M. Stream and Lake , but most of the time now, I fish glass or graphite. I appreciate the responses. Thanks, Mark.


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One is the Fenwick HMG which you know about and another the original Fenwick Streamer. The old Loomis IM6 rods are highly valued by many. Some of the early Daiwa rods were in this category, but I don't recall their names. Oh, the early Sage graphites, too.

Oh yes! The Sage RP was superb, and still the best rod they ever made. The DS/DS-2 was the same rod as the RP, just re-badged with cheaper hardware. Excellent rods.

The old Scott G-series was quite nice, as was the first SAS with the all-metal reel seat. In fact, by graphite standards the SAS was downright deliberate. But soooo smooth and a real pleasure to fish. If you like the longer Grangers, you'll feel right at home.

Just out of curiosity, what IM-6 Winston do you have, and what don't you like about it?
I have a 8' 6",5#,3 piece rod, which was built on a Winston blank. I guess my main problem is it seems a bit wimpy to me. I hooked a large trout on it, and when it came time to be able to muscle the fish, it did not seem to have the backbone. It also seems a bit whippy to me. Bamboo and my Hexagraph seem to have much more strength as does the HMG.


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Agree, I tend to prefer more med action up to 5 wt. When it comes to bigger rods/fish I tend to go to a bit faster action. Here are my favorites:

Sage LL for 2-3wt (although I do have a 00 TXL that is nice)
Sage RPL 4-6wt
Sage XP/ZAxis/RPLXi for 6-10wt

I also have a couple Redington CT rods and for the money are a great med action choice for 2-5 wt.

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