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I went fishing at Clear lake today off of Highway 12 by White Pass. I wasn't fly fishing, because conditions were crappy and I'm saving my new fly rod for the river opener in June. Anyways, I didn't go to the normal, crowded launch, I drove down a crappy dirt road at the other end of the lake and carried my canoe about 100 yards to the inlet river. It was snowing big flakes and windy, but I was determined to catch some fish, and catch I did. Final tally was 4 cutthroat and two bull trout, one of which was around 3-5 pounds. All were caught fairly deep, I'd say from 20-50 feet. All fish were beautiful and very healthy looking
. I'd say that part of the lake doesn't get much fishing pressure- I didn't see another person on the water all day. Here's my big bull before I released him:


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Nice report but be prepared for some potential flack from others; if not for posting a gear report on a fly fishing site, then for not releasing the bull trout in the water, rather than bringing it into the canoe. And unless that is a really large spinner, I'd say much closer to 3 pounds than 5.

That being said, Clear is a pretty cool lake. Last time I was there, I fished all day long in the pouring rain. I caught four species of fish on midges bobber fishing; bows, brooks, cutts, and whitefish. I was fishing in a bay quite a ways from all the shore anglers and it felt very remote.

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As the fish gets closer the eye sight gets better always make the fish bigger works for me:D Can I get the recipe for tying that fly? The fish is screaming I am dying get me back in the water I am suppose to be protective:eek:

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how does the campground look up there? I have been thinking about heading up there for memorial weekend for a little camping/hiking/fishing adventure with the girlfriend.
Nice fish. Clear lake has brook trout. That may or may not be one, but maybe you should edit your post just in case or be prepared to take flak.
"conditions were crappy" "It was snowing big flakes and windy"

Are you serious, these are the conditions I live for. My absolute best day of fishing a callibaetis hatch with a size 12 gray humpy and releasing over 30 beautiful fish, filled with fight, was during a snow fall and wind. Air temps were in the upper 30s and water temp was in the mid 50s. "Perfect"

Next time cherish these conditions and stick to your fly rod!!!

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