South Sound SRC Whopper - VIDEO

pbunbury and I hit some well known Gig Harbor area SRC hot spots on Saturday, and were mostly shut down due to wind. Before heading back to Seattle, the breeze relented enough at one spot to allow us to fish for an hour or so. In classic form, Parker hooked this beast on his first cast! It definitely turned a so-so whatever day into an instant classic.

Note that because the video contains a beat by a PhD, it will not play on mobile devices.
I was there Saturday morning too, must have been before you got there, with another forum member. We got no love, despite signs of fish-plenty of rollers and risers, and tons of bait. The wind was pretty brutal though.

What'd Parker end up getting that brute on? I tried about every fly I thought might have a chance, but they weren't having it.


Greg Price

Love da little fishies

Fished that beach a week ago on outgoing tide with a work buddy and got no love. Saw very little fish rolling or jumping. Nice fish!

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