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I'm going to have to put a little more thought into this. I initially planned to fish off the rock walls near my house from on shore. Tried that opening day and just kept getting hung up on the rocks. My line sunk very well and evenly, so as I retrieved I would continually hang up at the base of the rock wall since it extends out as you go down. So I tried my raft today during the exchange at low tide. That might sound a little rinky dink but my raft is 12' and I can stand up in it. I went out and fished up against the rock walls and ruins near where I fished from shore since this area is so close to home. Found that tough to do as I was continually getting moved out of the zone or right into the structure, and at a faster pace than I would have liked. A few times it moved me at a very slow pace along the proper path, and that wasn't bad because I felt like I could essentially troll that drift. However, that only occurred a couple of times. Most of the time it moved me at a pretty good clip and in different directions each time. I didn't bring an anchor because if I was in 40'-60' of water, I would need a lot of rope and I don't even have an anchor line that long. Seems like a lot of rope to manage and get in the way on the raft too. On the positive side, I like the line setup that I was using and was able to cast it without too much trouble. It really seems to get down well too as I hung up a few times on the bottom. I'm using the Orvis dept charge line with 10' of T-14 on the end. Hope you guys are having better luck than I.

Just hang it over on the side you want to be upwind and turn the motor so the boat wants to turn into the wind as well. The wind drift will be cut way down and you will sail a little in the direction the boat is pointing. For example with a N wind, put the sock on the left / port side and turn the wheel hard to the left. Make short to medium casts to the upwind side (same side as the sock) and mend your line down. The boat will drift mostly S with a little E. If you would rather have a little W to your drift, put the sock out on the right/starboard side and turn the wheel hard to the right. After a while you can do some fancy drifts by moving the sock forward or backwards, adding another sock or changing the angle of the wheel. Try it, you'll love it. :) The drift sock for fishing deep is like waders for fishing the river. You can catch fish without them but you'll just be flailing around in the shallows for the most part..

Even with a fancy Ipilot electric trolling motor I still use the sock when I want to get deep. I use the TM to anchor or patrol the shallows of a shoreline, not to plumb the depths. You could spend a lot of time manipulating the TM to get a good drift or just throw out the sock and automatically get an awesome drift. Each tool serves a different function.

Excellent info! Thanks for sharing.

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