SBS Kraimer's Tilt-shoot March Brown SBS


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Ted Kraimer's tilt-wing variation, with the deer hair body style common to the Michigan tying community. Tied here for a March Brown, this has possibilities for lots of other bugs.

hook - Mustad 94840 #12
thread - Danville 6/0 brown
tail - moose body
body - deer hair
rib - tying thread
wing - deer hair
hackle - grizzly dyed brown
thorax - dubbing tan

mash barb, start thread at 70% mark (reference point for wing); wrap back to point above barb

clean, stack, measure (hook shank) a clump of moose body; tie in, wrap butts to 70% mark

clean, stack, measure (tips should extend to the back of the bend) a clump of deer hair

2 soft loops, slowly apply/release/apply tension and let the hair surround the hook shank

spiral rib to the bend, then a couple tight wraps to flare the tips; return crossing wraps to 70% mark, tie off, trim, smooth with thread

clean, stack, measure (extend tips to bend) a clump of deer hair

tie in, pull butts up and dam with thread

tie in hackle, cup side up

dub thread, dub thorax, finish at base of wing

wrap hackle, each successive wrap under the previous one, then let hackle hang and trap with thread wraps at the base of the wing; half hitch x 2 at eye (with one wrap through thorax), trim hackle tip, SHHAN

trim wing butts and you're done





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Hex variation, with pheasant tail tail, foam underbody and white deer-hair post/wing to improve visibility in low-light conditions