Tent for REI Comfort Cot?


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Anyone have experience with finding a good lightweight tent that can fit two REI Comfort Cots? From my searching, I keep running into tents that seem to come just shy of managing the combination of length and width of two of those REI cots. What adds to the uncertainty is the leg height of the cots running up against the curve of a tent. Any suggestions?



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I went through the same thing last year, but with 4 cots. If you don't ever plan to backpack with it, go bigger than you think you'll need. Otherwise, a 10*8 with fairly upright walls should leave a little aisle between the two cots. We ended up with a 10*16 trek canvas tent and it has been great.


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I'm only looking to accommodate two cots that are 33.5" wide. I'm only asking for a little aisle in between. Fairly upright walls or a high enough roof to minimize the loss of footprint at the height of the cots are required. I'm thinking that a canvas tent would demand more than one person to erect it. I've been looking around over the past couple of days, and there are some 3 to 4 person lightweight tents that might work. Still looking though.

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+1 on the REI Hobitat 4. I tried to shoehorn my Cabelas cot into several different tents over the past few years with no success.

I resisted the idea of a getting larger family-style tent, mostly on outdated personal values that leaned towards a backpacking style design and size. Problem was, those smaller tents have low inner height and curved walls, meaning that my head and the foot section of my sleeping bag would touch the inner wall creating wet spots in the morning and I couldn't stand up to change clothes. Once I gave up on that notion, it paved the way for the larger, family-sized tent

The Hobitat allows me ample clearance for my sleeping bag, room for a small nightstand to hold lantern, book and other bedside items, a chair to sit in to change clothes plus lotsa room for my clothes and other gear bags.

Only downside is that any family sized tent makes a solo setup a challenge. The crisscrossed poles are about 20 feet long, so getting them into position without one end spring off into space makes for some entertainment for my campmates - until I shame them into helping me. Otherwise the Hobitat is like a fabric motel room.

All this said, old habits die hard and my REI dividend burned a hole in my pocket during the recent 20% off sale. I walked out with a REI Half Dome Plus 2 person tent the other day, confident that I'll bag the cot and sleep on my Exped insulated mat instead. We'll see.

These look interesting though and a LOT lower than my POS Cabelas cot: http://www.rei.com/product/866263/therm-a-rest-luxurylite-ultralite-cot


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If you can find the REI Hobitat, it's kind of a quonset hut design. I have the bigger one, which accomodates two cots just fine. The sides are almost straight up for quite a ways, and I can put the cots pretty much right up against the sidewall. In addition, ventilation is very good, so there's almost no condensation to be concerned about. A decent piece of carpet underfoot is really nice, too. As I understand it, REI stopped making the Hobitat last season though, so you'll need to find a used one somewhere.

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