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Hey All,

My wife wants to go camping around Bend, Oregon. Sweet, no? Of course, fishing must be a part of it. So I am aware of the bountious opportunities for fishing in the area. What I need help with is in finding the perfect combination of camping and fishing. Suggestions from the Oregon crowd I keep seeing snooping around up north here? As if your fishing is worse than ours up here? Not! So that's why I have to ask you guys to share a little. Okay? I extend my gratitude up front.


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I've always had fun on the Deschutes below Lava Lakes, but don't expect there to be any low water any time of year-lake fed, and always high. Access is good, but lots of downed timber gets in your way! There's a very nice private campground I believe is called Lava Lake Campground & Resort (not certain about the name), but it's hard to get reservations. A boat of some sort's a good idea for this one.

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Found it, Dave; Lava Lake Campground & resort. There's also a forest service campground right next to it. We've stayed at the private campground twice and loved it.

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My wife wants to go camping around Bend, Oregon. Sweet, no?
Dave- There is a cool camprgound on the Deschutes called Bull Bend near La Pine. The water may be running high but it is not far from some of the spring creeks and the coolest thing about it is the campground is on a river oxbow, so if you have a floating apparatus, you can float for about 20 minutes, drag it across ten yards, redo the float. Great, great place for kids. You can practically throw a dart around there and end up with a cool campground...

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