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alright gentlemen. with much reserve and careful thought i present to you the pubic prawn. not my own pattern and the creator os a bit sheepish about sharing so here goes. the first pick is the standard pink configuration on the bench. the second is said fly in the jaws of a coho. other colors include... the chchum guzzler, the black wire coachmen, ginger snap, and the brunette bomber which if the material is correct can be touted and tied as a skater. this is not a joke, albeit funny though. this is weird backcountryffect science of necessity at its best. jungle cock may be added on the rear carpace for extra effect. View attachment 42036 View attachment 42036 View attachment 42037

Very weird indeed. Aren't there materials that can substitute for the 'hair'.

Jim Ficklin

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Methinks that jungle cock would be most appropriate in this pattern. I looked for some old patterns that I tied using Green Wing Macaw feathers, but I have neither those nor the bird to create more.


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Alright, this was a tough decision, but I'm going to give the win to JohnK, for his Blood of Babybel. It's simple, sexy, looks fishy, and I've ne'er seen babybel at a fly shop. Please give him a round of internet applause and shower him with praise.

Honorable mention goes to sopflyfisher for his Pubic Prawn. Had it been a pubic crab pattern, it may have taken the win.

Thanks for playing, everyone, JohnK, you're up!


Saved by the buoyancy of citrus
Blood of Babybel:
The body material is a strip cut from the packaging of Babybel cheese. Awesome scarlet red color.

JohnK, will you be posting a new salon topic? If not I'll give it to sopflyfisher; we gotta get this rolling.

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