Back to the Wall - Formerly Isaak's Ranch: report


~El Pescador
we fished it on Sunday. Another group had fished it on Saturday and it was very windy so they had poor results. Some people think that a pay to play lake is automatic. That you will catch many fish and very easily. Nothing is a given - even if you pay money.
Our group had a very good day. Maybe it was because we are experienced fisherman. We each caught our fair share of fish thru out the day. The wind was there all day and got up to about 14 mph, but no whitecaps. When you fished into the wind, you worked hard. These was sheltered areas, but they did not seem as productive.
What I Iiked about the trip was not only the size of the fish but the fight in the fish. We tied into some fish that were between 4 and 8 lbs, but all the fish had spunk. A lot fish took line off my reel and almost into my backing. Head shakes, hanging straight down, jumping, long runs - it was great!!
We went with Darc from Desert Anglers. Ask him for the hot fly - which he is currently out of stock right now.
I will down load a few pictures once I get them off my camera.


I have a lot of experience with pay to play lakes and as dp mentioned they can be just as difficult as any Stillwater for catching trout. Just because you pay to fish does not make the fish stupid. If anything, they may end up smarter as the season wears on.

I've heard of Isaak's all the way down here. Tales of large trout there is. (Yoda speak)


Canyon Lurker
i know rankin just fished there a couple weeks ago, first group of the year i believe. i saw last year on Red's an 11lb. tiger that was caught there. looks like fun!


~El Pescador
we were on the upper lake. the one under the power lines. Darc was disappointed with how the lake fished for us. I was pleased - of course I would have liked to have caught more fish, but some of the fish I tangled with were worth the trip. I remember Lenice fish would fight to the death (not literally) and take line but not the present day Lenice. still working on pix


if it's not this, then what?
I agree on the old Lenice experience, back then I could hardly sleep the night before my trip, the fishing was that good, not always in numbers, but in the fight!

Matt Paluch

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The fishing has been crazy good up there this year. Lots of big fish. I got a 28"er next to the pump on saturday and can't wait until next saturday when I get to go again. This spring the wind has been the great equalizer, but you know the fishing is good when you can still catch trout in 35+ mph.


~El Pescador
contact Darc at Desert Angler. we had two different groups on the lake. There is a limit as to how many they put o the lake, so adding 1 or 2 would lawys be a possibly - I would think.
mid-week might be easier. good luck. fun place to play for a day

Ron Olsen

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We fished Nunnally Monday, and BTTW Tuesday. North of 20 fish from Nunnally up to 19", missed a real hog that followed a dansel right to the surface, then saw the pontoon. Either tiger of brown, tiger I think.
BTTW, upper lake was a challenge and only had three by 1. Really frustrating. Was a full moon, and lots of shucks and there had been a big callibaetis hatch the day before. Then got dialed in on chironomids and it was nonstop until 5. Really nonstop. Like never had a chance to get water or relight the cigar. Anchored up and never moved. Fish up to 26". And one was the heaviest trout I have ever caught. Can a 26" fish be 10 pounds? Check out the picture. Look how small fingers are, not like the outstreatched arms method. ;) Seriously deep and thick fish. And the fly that did the damage, and just bearly survived. The callibaetis hatch started and picked up a few that way, and by 7 it was a major surface show. We were relaxing by then, last photo.


Ron Olsen

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That may be about right. I was 5+ inches short of getting my hands around it, though my hands are small. Quite the fight, all the fly line was gone underwater. Lots of backing out, and the first time I have ever considered pulling anchor to chase a trout.



Indi "Ira" Jones
I love that even pay to plays can challenge talented anglers. It has been years since I fished a pay to play, but I think I'm ready to give it a go again. I have a few in mind, but BTTW might top the list.