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Rusty Gates marries a Hairwing dun to a Stimulator. Another fly that could serve for any of the plus-sized drakes.

hook - TMC 5212 #6
thread/rib - UTC 140 hopper yellow
tail - moose body hair
shuck - Congo Hair brown
body - deer hair
body hackle - grizzly (undersize by 2)
front hackle - brown/grizzly mix
wing - deer hair

mash barb, start thread at 2/3 mark, wrap back to point above barb

clean, stack, measure (hook length) some moose body fibers; tie in, trim

tie in a sparse hank of CH

clean, stack, measure (tips should extend gap width past the barb) a clump of deer hair

2 soft loops, slowly apply/release/apply tension and let the hair surround the hook shank

trim butts, then tie in hackle

spiral rib to the bend, then a couple tight wraps to flare the tips

spiral hackle back to bend, capture tip with thread, then continue return crossing wraps to 2/3 mark, tie off, trim, smooth with thread

tie in hackles

wrap brown

then grizzly

tie off, trim, smooth head with thread wraps

clean, stack, measure (tips even with flared body tips) another clump of deer hair

tie in, trim butts

half hitch x 2, SHHAN, trim bottom of front hackle even with body hackle





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You do very clean tying. Can I request some stonefly nymph patterns in the future?? I've been tying a little and have done the pats stone and the wired stone. I would like to have some others in my arsenal as well. Thanks!

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