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After a great day on the lake yesterday I drove by today and found the gate locked!! It turns out there are some downed trees in the campground and in their overzealous enthusiasm to protect everyone from themselves they have shut down the entire lake. Those trees have nothing to do with the boat launch but have been deemed "hazardous", hence the shutdown. This seems to be akin to the same mentality that awards Little League losers a trophy.

As a guy that lives in the forest my experience with trees is that once one falls it can fall no further. How it can be hazardous enough to close an entire lake eludes me. Hopefully the hazmat team will dispense with the hazard in a timely manner and we can fish again. I'll report any changes.


Mike Cline

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I sometimes see people park on the other side of the lake, they drive right down to the bank... I have always wanted to find the roads they use. Do you know anything about those? Maybe you could use those in the mean time. Not sure if they are forest service access or not.

At least you have a good crappie lake. All the bodies of water around here are on a major downward spiral.
It used to be a great trout lake until someone ruined it by dumping invasives into the whole lake system and ruined it. Wish they would restore all of them back to what they once were.

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