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Rivers are going up and there's lots of snow to melt but eventually they're gonna come down; then it'll be time for foam stuff.

hook - TMC 5212 #10
thread - Danville black
body - peacock herl
overbody/head - 2mm foam brown
underwing - Krystal Flash pearl
wing - deer hair
legs - medium rubber brown
hackle - grizzly

mash barb, attach thread at 70% mark and wrap back to point above barb

tie in peacock herl; twist with thread, wrap body, tie off, trim, move thread back to 70% mark

taper a foam strip (not quite gap width); measure for length (gap width past bend) and tie in

tie in some KF, fold over/double back

clean stack, measure (tips even with foam) a clump of deer hair; cut to length and tie in

tie in legs, 2 per side

tie in hackle, wrap, tie off and trim

move thread forward to eye, tie down foam; half hitch x 2, SHHAN

trim head, trim KF, trim hackle flat on bottom, separate legs


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