Carp are cooperating, when the weather will

Got out to do some carping lately. During brief windows of good weather, after work, or between softball games, I might get an hour to run to Banks Lake and make something happen. My first outing was an hour during Mother's Day, in the evening. Weather was calm and warm. I went to my closest spot, my nemesis, as there is always alot of carp there. Water clarity is only ten inches usually, and sight fishing is hard. I've tried over a half- dozen times to catch a carp at this flat, and have always been skunked.
But things were different this time. I have gotten better at this carp fishing stuff.
I quickly realized that all those carp tails I saw as I pulled up were actually toads, having huge mating orgies,making odd chirping noises
may 2014 032.JPG
may 2014 034.JPG
. I pulled one from the water to snap a pic. It started panicking, chirping, and secreting some weird milky toxin from the pores on it's back. I threw it back before any got on me.
Instead of trying in vain the whole time to spot a fish to present my fly to, I tried a different approach. Carp were pushing and shoving through the reeds about twenty five feet away from me across a channel about five feet deep. I would note the progress and direction of the fish by the were and which direction the reeds were bending. I was pretty sure I could time the fish by casting a little over a foot in front of the bending reeds, and while letting my fly sink, strip every so painfully slow. It worked like a charm, and I missed two in short order. I still wasn't sure if I was getting legit eats, or foul hooking. A couple casts later, I was proven they were eating it.
may 2014 038.JPG
may 2014 043.JPG

A few days later I had another shot. The weather was nice, no obligations, an hour to kill. I returned to the cove that used to be my nemesis, while Enlightened banged away for bass in the next cove over. Using the same tactics, I pulled the same stats for the night. Two misses, and one landed in an hour. Plus briefly hooking a big bass, to have it throw the hook on the jump. I took off as soon as I landed the carp, meeting Enlightened at the car perfectly! She had hooked and lost six bass, and one walleye. But failed to get any into the net.
I have a feeling I'm going to be chasing alot of warmwater fish this summer!
may 2014 020.JPG
may 2014 025.JPG

Jim Ficklin

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They are challenging & fun fish. I've had to go a bit south to get into them this year. My old honey-hole is either late or the seiners really did clean them out. nicely done!
Love me some carp fishing! It's been slow to pick up at my favorite haunt as well, but I stop by to make a few casts every week. It's one of my favorite things to do on a summer afternoon.
Love me some carp fishing! It's been slow to pick up at my favorite haunt as well, but I stop by to make a few casts every week. It's one of my favorite things to do on a summer afternoon.

Do you walk across the water to get to your favorite spot? Or just part the seas and walk there on dry land?


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I am such a Carp freak, I fish year round for them. I have three flies that are my go to.
That is very cool. What weight you using?
I have been hammering them on a fly called the Dog Biscuit fly in white.
Thanks for sharing.
I was out bassing today, but the carp were abundant. I approached one of my usual spots and six that were about the size of the on in TJ's pic slowly swam out of sight. As I circled the lake on foot I came upon one that was at least 24" and fat. I was in a spot with dense brush and couldn't cast, but I watched the fish hovering near the surface for a while before my dog stepped on some dead leaves and scared it away.

I've casted to these fish before, but they always seem disinterested and swim away. I guess I need to go back and search the forum for techniques.