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A sideways sandwich Rogue Body and foam head (a bit more durable than ungulate bulletheads).

hook - Dai Riki 280 #8
thread - UTC 140 tan
body - 2mm foam outside layer, 1mm inside (colors of your choice); you could use 2mm for both for a fatter body
binder strip - foam
underwing - Krystal Flash rootbeer
wing - deer hair
legs - medium rubber brown
head - dubbing/2mm foam
indicator - 1mm foam orange

insert needle in vise, then 2 foam strips (gap width) on the needle

start thread on the needle

fold foam forward; 2 soft loops (so the foam isn't cut), pull tight and create first segment

pull foam back, move thread forward on needle

create next segment; repeat, tie off, SHHAN the wraps

slide off the needle, then insert (debarbed) hook point through last segment

mount hook on vise, start thread and cover shank

tie on binder strip, wrap back to hook point, tie off

cut foam butts to length, taper ends

brush Super Glue on binder strip, then create segmented body

tie on some KF, fold back

clean, stack, measure (body length) some deer hair; trim to lrngth and tie in

tie in (knotted) rear legs

dub thread, dub head

take a wider strip of foam and tie in underneath at wing tie-in position

move thread to hook eye, poke a hole in foam where hook eye meets, pull foam up, secure foam with a couple firm wraps

move thread back to wing tie-in position and secure foam on top

tie in front legs

tie in indicator

tie off, trim everything that needs trimming, SHHAN




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