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Until today I'd always used Airflo's Ridge for my running line and I've never really had any gripes with it. Over the winter I'd picked up some Varivas Airs and put it on the reel I use on my 6wt for summers. Today was the first day I've put it to use and I was really surprised at the difference it made in my casting. I mean, I still suck and nobody is gonna stop what they're doing to check out my sweet casting but the difference in distance was noticeable. Not to mention, I totally caught a steelhead, and that rarely happens.


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congratulations on your catch, underachiever.
I like varivas aire too, just picked up another spool last week. For about 40 bucks I can put shooting line onto either three big sticks or maybe 5 little ones. Very cost effective, shoots like a raped ape, and makes a cool zipping sound when it comes off the water!

Most competition spey casters are using it now.

But don't step on it, especially with cleats. With mono shooting line it makes good sense to inspect the line every now and again to avoid losing a head.
I was a coated running line guy for a long time (powerflex and that airflo one). This year I switched to Rio's gripshooter and I really like it. It shoots farther and I really like that you can have huge loops in the water and it doesn't seem to effect its shootability at all. I think my loops might be a bit tighter to, but it's not like that really matter. And I was surprised that it isn't any more difficult to handle or that it tangles any more that coated running lines. It does slip through your fingers sometimes and thats definitely annoying.

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Rio Connectcore all dam day, i have tried retard amounts of mono and despise airflo running line, but the connectcore is the business


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The OPST has no memory. I have been using slick shooter and then Frog hair. Seems to be slicker than Frog Hair. Floats better than slick shooter with the oval shape that in certain backwash current dives like crazy. Still testing it in the front seat of the Corolla at the shop baking in the heat, coffee is still hot when I go home. Used it with a Scandi Short head Intermediate and intermediate versileader over head with 5116-4 and at least 30% more distance than an outbound Int. full line, one back and go cast. Built for Ed Ward and Jerry French. Supposed to be UV resistant. Come to the shop to demo or call.


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