Swap Puget sound "stinger" clouser swap

Excellent Golfman! I find swaps are a great opportunity to learn and force myself to learn as I stated earlier, looks like you are doing great and I look forward to seeing all the flies!
Mine will go out this week.
Just sent them off with return label and appropriate postage. Thanks again for hosting this Pat, looking forward to seeing all the coolness :)

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Indi "Ira" Jones
I unfortunately shipped mine out without the obligatory toe tag and the couple of extra swapmeister flies I intended to give you.

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
They're actually my favorite so far, super fishy. Got a few more in the mail the other day. Eyejuggler, Alexander, golfman, and rob asts, all nice. I think you guys will really like robs, coho candy for sure.
And don't worry, ill toetag em real quick before I send them out.

Rob Ast

Active Member
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Pat. Just playing around with some of the more UV end of the spectrum for those early morning hours.