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Brian Miller

Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout
  1. Do you use the standard soft back seat or did you go with the high back seat? How do you like the one you are using? I got the High Back option. I didn't recall a big difference in support from the High Back from the standard seat with the WFF loaner. The Loaner had a seat bag on the back. My high back did not so I purchased a strap on seat back fishing bag from where Rich sourced the high back seats. No issues with my Extrasport Sturgeon or Eddy (nice) PFDs. I Velcro a Thermarest seat pad with a non-slip carpet runner onto the soft seat and it's VERY comfortable. It also keeps my butt warmer in cold weather.
  2. Do you use the standard or heavy duty oars? Is there much of a difference between the two? I got my WM in a great pre-season sale on the Expedition package that included the Caviness oars and all accessories ordered. However **the Caviness oars were backordered so Rich sent the standard oars to get me out on the water, then sent the heavy duty oars a couple of weeks later, and told me to keep the standard oars. The Caviness are a few inches longer; and could stand to be about a foot longer yet for that size boat but wouldn't fit in the backpack. The Caviness oars have nicer handles. I do use the lighter standard oars on lakes where I'm not really rowing anyway.
  3. How are the standard water master fins? Or do you use an aftermarket fin like Force Fins and why? Again I got the Expedition package that included the fins and really like them. At one time BSI used to offer the fins with felt and studs in the foot section that I thought would be nice if I stopped to fish. The felt/studs option wasn't in the catalog anymore but **Rich still had some felt and studs on-hand and offered to add them at no charge. I have a pair of the vintage original Force Fins. But I got bad cramps in my insteps because my thin Orvis neoprene booties had zero support in the soles. The new SeaSoft 7mm dive boots I got for more support were just too small for comfort over my waders so I happily used the WM fins with wading boots on lakes, and almost sold off the fins and boots last year. However after finally getting smaller waders because I lost a lot of weight a few years back I just found out the booties fit better now with the smaller wader foot size so I'll probably use the Force Fins again for lakes.
  4. Is the cargo net worth the $$ or is it better to use cargo straps? Included with the Expedition Package. I am not confident the net would secure my gear if I flipped the boat but I use it.
** Examples of Great Customer Service and are part of the reason I went with WM instead of similar boats


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I always feel like I need a shower after agreeing with Derek on any topic ;)

Jesse if I remember right you use a NRS Chinook PDF, any issues with it being in the way with the high back seat?
Chinook doesn't get in the way at all. Actually it kind of acts as a back brace since I wear it snug (as you should) and feels oddly comfortable.
Great information Brian thanks!
I agree Jesse, I also like to wear my PDF a little on the snug side.
Thanks for the input Steezn but I think I will pass on the hard seat for now.

Brian Miller

Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout
BTW, what I got that I really like with the cargo net and the is Rich puts on 6 D rings and he does a much better job than I did :rolleyes:. In fact I am real glad I got the Expedition Package.
Yep I plan on purchasing the cargo net and extra D rings, may even take a look at the Expedition Package. Thanks for all of your input Brian.
What do you guys think about buying the floor for this raft? I'm thinking of purchasing the Kodiak Expedition package as well and was wondering if the floor was a good addition and/or any of the other accessories not included. I have done almost all of my fishing while wading and am looking for a boat for both still and moving water. Thoughts from you fine folks?
I like the optional floor for my Kodiak for stillwaters during the late fall through early spring. Basically converts from kickboat to pram, although I don't attempt to stand up. When water temps drop below about 45 cold feet are hard to avoid if your feet are soaking in the lake. The boat rows very nicely with the floor (way less drag). I've never used the floor on a river float as I prefer to kick with fins.

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