FS elite energy 35 complete set up hunting bow

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Alright guys and gals, I am selling a brand spanking new Elite energy 35. The bow is real tree extra camo, 65 lbs limbs and is set at 27 inch draw. The bow also has a ascent ambush sight, fuse stabilizer 4 inch with offset bracket, nightspot quiver. I am also going to throw in 12 arrows, 6 are easton axis and 6 are easton full metal jackets.

I am only selling this bow because I sustained an injury that doesn't allow me to shoot a bow any longer. I am asking 1400 cash for the entire setup, I don't want to do any type of trades or split the bow up i just want to sell it as a complete bow. If the buyer pays the asking price of 1400 i will pay for shipping of the bow, buyer is responsible for the 4 percent paypal fee or you can gift the money and save some coin.

I am located in the greater portland oregon area, if your local we can meet up for the purchase within a reasonable distance.

text for questions or to contact me about buying the bow, its much easier then the forum.


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