Smallmouth kinda like sculpin.... duh


Indi "Ira" Jones
Other than the two smallies I landed with you last year while fishing for trout, it has been a long time since I've hit them. I really want to do a trip down the lower Yak this season before it is too late.

Thanks for another great post triploid.
Great job with the pics! I don't get it--your smallie looks like Shawn West's and nothing like mine. Must be different strains. Colors on yours are spectacular!
It depends on the water and the fish. All the smallies in WA are of the same strain, as are most in the US. Some fish are very vibrant like above with lots of spots and lines, others are just brown. Clear water fish tend to be more vibrant, but I've caught some very colorful fish from pea soup waters like Moses and some very dull fish from clear lakes like Curlew.

Bob Nix

too much stuff to know
There are bunches of smallies in the lower Yak this past weekend. It was way hot for a westsider like me though, off the water by noon and into the A/C. Went last weekend for a few hours each morning.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Over 100 today, but supposed to cool down considerably by the weekend, although it will be breezy. Smallies in the Columbia are 20-25 feet deep, except at daybreak & sundown. If it would rain, I'd go outside & sit in it, lol.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
New record in the Lower Basin yesterday: 109 degrees; Death Valley was only 8 or 9 degrees warmer. Any fish trapped in shallow water were poached & not in the illegal way. I use floor fans to circulate conditioned air through the house when it gets real hot (cuts-down the run-time of my A/C compressor a bit.); Hank spent the day lying in front of one of them & his trips outside were very quick indeed. Days like yesterday make me glad I had installed a powered attic fan a few years ago; the sun was oppressive to say the least.

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