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It's an awesome fish, it's pretty cool that the river even has resident rainbows that get that big. This sounds like the progression that 99% of steelheaders go through. Namely, not catching shit for a while. The fact that you're getting hook ups means it's only a matter of time. Those hookups are the positive feedback to let you know that you're doing the right things. Be stoked for catching that rainbow, the excitement is one of the great parts don't let the internet crap on it. I still get excited if I catch a big whitefish, it's all fun.


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"Some people just see what they want to see. I see a chromer. "

There was a time when you could pick one of those up on 42nd street in NYC for $50 bucks.
I think I saw on CNN that Fonda was interviewed talking about fly fishing while she was married to her favorite EX Ted Turner. That should turn things around real quick on this forum.
That's an interview I'd turn on CNN for.
Her and Turner both use beads religiously, so I've heard.

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