WHAT TFO Switch Rod should I choose?

I have only spent time with the 5 and 7wt DC switch rods and liked them both. Go with the 7wt and you will have a rod that could toss some winter weight if you need it.
Thanks guys. I KNOW it isn't a high-end stick, but not having any switcheroo........I do have a Dec Hogan 13', 7weight for winter....just trying to decide for bigger trout and summer steelie stick.


dead in the water
I guess it depends on what a "bigger trout" means to you. The 6wt should be a fine summer run size rod. I've caught a number of hefty bulls on mine. But for a more trouty stick, the 4 or 5 would probably be better.


Agree = 5wt. 6 is a bit much for trout, and the 4 is too light for any but the smallest 1 salt Steelhead. And I suggest you use cork sealer on the handle when you get the rod. Very good advice from Mike Kinney that I'm just passing along.

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