Father's Day

Floated the upper stretch of the local ditch from O'dark til about 2. Didn't see or hear of a single steelhead even hooked by anyone. Water looked great, and after 6 weeks overseas for work it felt good to be back on the water, hunting for steelhead. After pulling the boat out of the water I checked the flows and got twitchy for a walk in. I mean, when you have a Father's Day hall pass you better capitalize right? Since I drove the shuttle rig I peeled out solo and headed downriver lookin for fresh fish.

After a punishing bushwack through the densest, itchiest, wader perforating clusterf---k I finally arrived at a favorite run. No sleds, no boats. Overcast, slight downstream breeze. I was almost excited until I realized my hands looked like two red balloons and I started sneezing so violently my sunglasses had to be removed from my face. I rerigged with 5' of t14 and an unweighted flat wing intruder in black. First pass through I methodically covered the sweet spots to no avail. Finally feeling normal again I figured I better cover the riffle a little better with a new fly before I hit the road. As I walked up towards the top I could see a flat spot formed in the riffle created by the high flows that I'd never seen before.

I rigged a new fly this time a violet/red/blue version of the same flat wing pattern that Alyssa had tied me.


I started way higher than I usually do and after my fly hit the water and starting cutting effortlessly through the chop I could feel the mojo. I wasn't too surprised when about 5 casts later my rod buried and line started singing off my reel. 5 screaming runs and a few jumps later I had my hands on a beautiful chrome hatchery hen. I enjoyed the moment, bled and gutted the fish, hit the trail and was home in time for dinner. It's good to be back in the PNW.


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.


5-Time Puget Sound Steelhead Guide of the Year
I talked to 20+ boats today, not a single hatchery fish for any of them. Few natives, but no hatchery. Well done man

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