Suggestions For 2 Wt. Intermediate Line


John or "LC"
I often fish an Orvis. 1 wt. for planters in a local lake, and before the "use a bigger rod to save the fish" comments come, trust me, these planters are not big enough (they top out around 14") nor do they fight hard enough to stress them out much on even a 1 wt.

I was delighted to find an Orvis Wonderline Clear Intermediate for a 2 wt. on closeout last year, as I've never seen any other I- line that small.

After using it a half dozen times and spending more time picking out knots and coils than fishing, I've had it. I hate this line, and it's going to be sold quickly. Part of the problem I'm sure is it's on a tiny Redington Drift 2/3 reel and stays coiled pretty tightly. Problem is I sure like using an I line on a small rod and need to replace it. I don't know what to do. So far I only have thought of two options: 1) use an old floater and coat it with Xink, or 2) find the smallest I line I can and cut it back so it casts.

Looking for suggestions and comments, thanks.
Not sure if they go that small but I'm really happy with my Airflo Forty Plus intermediate. It's translucent, not clear, but there is no memory to speak of.


John or "LC"
Idea. Ordered some airflow polyleaders, one hover, one intermediate, one slow sink. Seems to me that might be an economical solution to using a floater as a main line, at least for the first two.

I've never used poly leaders, but I think they might save hours of time each year. One day I'm targeting bass and the next trout, and accordingly have to change leaders on three or four rods each time. I think you just change tippet with these?


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Sounds weird but just fish with t8 or t11. Treat it as a shooting head attached to running line. You'll be surprised

And yes poly leaders just loop on new tippet


John or "LC"
Thanks. I got the ploys in today, and I'm going to try those on my Wulff TT floater. If that doesn't work. I think I'll attempt to splice on about 30' of the clear line to a running line I have laying around. I really want the clear head--I think it does make a difference.


John or "LC"
I tested the 5' Trout slow sinking polyleader today, didn't actually fish, or better said, didn't cast to waters known for holding them. I was delighted with the ease of casting. I was throwing a TT3F on a 3 wt. Redington Classic Trout in some wind and the leader turned over nicely. Not sure of the distance but at least 50'. I think a key may be to use fairly short tippet--I had on about 4'. Haven't tried the hover leader yet. Soon we'll see if they catch fish.

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