US wins!!!!!

Rob Ast

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Ghana controlled the ball most of the game, but I think that was some of the game plan. They didn't want to get into a wide open game with Ghana so the just clogged up the middle. This was of course aided by the early goal. Once Ghana scored you saw the US start making more runs and openng up the game a bit. Still, it was pretty tense to watch.

David A.

Upside down.
Soccer ?
For show ponies light in the loafers..:D

More important - this weekend it's the US vs. Canada in Rugby.
I don't see either side beating the All Blacks at any time soon, but both are getting more competitive.
Should be a good game !
I scared the shit out of my dog screaming and running around after john Anthony brook's goal. I've been a wreck all day, and I still haven't settled down.

In other good news, Portugal should be good and demoralized after getting their shit packed by Germany and possibly losing three starters
Portugal will likely be re-organized and out for blood. It won't help them to be out a key player or 3 but their roster goes pretty deep. Go USA!

Brazil v Mexico should be a treat to watch.


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This was a great win and a gritty performance by the US Team and we did have quite a bit of luck on our side given how much possession Ghana had. One of the best matches so far in the World Cup. But man do we have a tough road ahead.