Long day in the ER. Done fishing for the year


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I was mashed by a falling tree today and barely escaped with my life. Injuries include cuts,bruises, contusions,lacerations around my head and ears, damaged hand, cuts inside my mouth and several teeth either chipped or broken. My left leg was damaged to the point it won't support me so I'm walking -very slowly- with a cane. Worst of all the humerus bone in my right arm is broken right where the bone shaft meets the socket. I can't even drive my new pickup so I am grounded indefinitely.

The good news is that Susie isn't a widow tonight and the crushed tractor can be replaced. There is no way to splint or put acast on thr arm , all I can do is try to hold it perfectly still against my body for the next couple of months and hope that it heals. I'll be back. ive
Oh shit, you ok Ive? Take care of yourself and you have lots of good friends around here if you need anything. Meantime that new truck will wait.

I'll be in touch..


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Jeezus Ive!!! I'm damned glad you're still breathing but troubled greatly by this news. If there's anything I can do...you know my number.

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Wow. Hang in there, Ive. Sorry to hear of your mishap, but glad you're still around.
If I were a Gypsy palm reader, I'd tell you that "I can see you floating on a pontoon - on a beautiful lake - somewhere in N. Central WA - releasing lots of fat trout ... and all much sooner than you think!"


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Ive! Glad you're still with us! If you get back on here and have the power to type, I'd love to hear a little more about how that all went down. Youch!!
Sorry to hear of this. So glad you survived this accident. My best to you and Susie during your recovery. Keep us updated on your progress after you can type.

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