Idaho warmwater trip intro

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Five friends and I spent last week fishing some of my old home waters for bluegill and bass in Idaho. One of the primary reasons for going to Idaho is to search out and catch bluegill in the 8" to 11" range. The lake we were to be camping on has produced quite well for me in the past. I had set some lofty goals for myself. One goal was to land a 12" bluegill. Another was to make sure the 5 guys that had never fished warmwater would catch some fish. I have a lot of pictures to go with the text. I will make multiple threads regarding this trip.

Prior to leaving Vancouver for our trip, I had checked the weather conditions multiple times. This is what it said the conditions would be for the week we would be there:

1) Daily temps would range from 70 degrees to 86 degrees. That sounded much better than last year
when it got to 106 degrees.

2) The wind would vary from 3MPH to 16MPH. The 16MPH winds was for Tuesday only. Most of the other
days would be around 6 - 8 MPH. I can live with those conditions.

THEY LIED!!!! The wind was our biggest foe. It would dictate if and where we would fish.

I had planned on fishing 2 primary locations. The first was the small lake where we were camped. It is home to some large bluegill as wel as LMB. The second lake was located about 12 miles from camp. This lake is directly connected to the Snake River. It has just about any type of fish a warmwater fly guy can ever want to catch. I really like to fish it for SMB.

My daughter would join us on Monday for an afternoon of fishing. The 2 remaining from our group would join us on Sunday afternoon. Our plans were set. The expectations were high, and we were ready to go. We had stopped at Cabelas in Boise as well as Idaho Angler (a local fly shop that I highly recommend you visit if you are in the Boise area). We ended up making it to camp late Saturday afternoon. We got our camps set-up and called it an early night. I was running on 3 hours of sleep. I was out like a light.

More to come.



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