Idaho trip Day 1

Shawn West

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The first morning, we were greeted by the mosquito hoard at the launch. Needless to say, there was no dawdling at the launch. Fishing was dismal for the first hour. I had not had a strike, nor had I seen any fish. This is very unusual for this body of water. I removed my popper and tied on a Simiseal Leech. It was not long before I was rewarded with an 8.5” bluegill.

The next cast in the same spot brought me a 9” LMB. I caught 2 additional similar sized bluegill in that same spot. Things were starting to look up. I got on my radio to let my buddies know that I was into the fish. Only one answered and was on his way to join me. The other two did not bring their radios. Because the guy that answered had never fished warm water with a fly, I decided to stop fishing the area with hopes he would get into the fish. He arrived shortly and managed a LDR (long distance release) of a scrappy bluegill. I moved on and left my partner to harass the fish in that area. I found a few bedding areas with fish, but they were acting odd in my opinion. Usually, bluegill are very aggressive while on the beds. These fish would follow the flies, but would rarely strike. Hunger finally forced us from the lake. At the end of our first session, the fish tally was disappointing. I had landed 7 fish; the other guys combined had landed 5. That being said, two of us had landed bluegill in the 9” range.

After resting up for a couple of hours, we were back on the water in pursuit of fishzilla. We were catching fish sporadically for the first couple of hours. I was catching them with a small panfish popper. My buddy was using a Bully Spider (yellow with white legs) and doing well until he lost the fly. Note to self, tie some Bully Spiders. The wind started to die down. The fish finally turned on. We were getting strikes about every other cast. This is how the lake has been like all day on previous trips. Unfortunately, it only lasted for about 45 minutes. It was like someone had turned off the switch on these fish. Some of the guys were disappointed with our first day on the lake, but I know what this lake can produce. We have six more days of fishing. I am sure things will improve. If not, there are other lakes nearby to keep us occupied. We had 1 guy that did not catch any fish today. I plan on spending some one on one time with him to get him catching fish. The bass have been tough to catch. They appear to be focused on adult damsels. You can see them coming completely out of the water attacking those flies. Getting them to strike your fly is a different matter. The last 2 of our little group showed up late in the afternoon. Tomorrow, my daughter will be joining us for an afternoon on the water. I cannot wait to spend time with her. I rarely get to see her anymore. Hopefully the fish will be a little more cooperative.


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