Fishing in or around Leavenworth?

Hey all,

My dad and I are going to be spending a couple of days in Leavenworth with our spouses and while they might enjoy touring the town, he and I are looking forward to trying to get some fishing done. I've read a bit about Icicle creek there right around town, but if anyone has any more advice regarding that creek, or anywhere else in the area that might be worth checking out I would love to hear it! Also, if there are any locals on the board, what kind of conditions should we expect?

I appreciate all the help :)


sans caféine
Hike up to the alpine on ingalls creek, bring a 2h for salmon on the Wenatchee, or just bring salmon gear for the icicle/wenatchee. Conditions will be high and cold for a bit still
Yup the Snatch and Icicle are open for Salmon right now. The Icicle will fish for small rainbows as well. Lots of small alpine lakes up in the mountains there, need a pass though. Fish lake should be fishing good right now as well.

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