Amazing....if you don't mind? What is your setup?
I've never done anything this "macro", but I'd be interested in trying.
Thanks again for sharing.
Pentax K-30. I play around with various tube and lens setups. This picture, and most often, I'm using an old Pentax A-series 100mm f4 macro lens, 49mm coupler, and an old M-series 50mm f4 macro mounted in reverse. A 100mm coupled to a reverse 50mm gives you 2:1 magnification. I think the fruit fly (second pic from the top) was those two lenses mounted on about 55mm of extension tubes. That gets more like 3:1 magnification. You definitely don't need to spend big dollars on lenses. And auto focus is pretty useless anyway at this magnification. A $10 set of extension tubes and an old 50 mm manual lens mounted in reverse can get you good shots.


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I do a little macro work but I am not into anything like your setup. I have an Tamron 90mm macro lens I picked up off of craigslist for a few bucks that I will bolt on once in awhile. I can't get anything like your shots.

I'm not into photography per se, but I will sometimes take photos when I'm out scuba diving. Below are a few taken on an HP R817 in normal or super macro mode (closest focus at about an inch), with mainly manual exposure settings. Not as sharp or as uniformly well-lit as I would like, but not too bad for a point and shoot.

Not derailed at all.

I have not. I did download CombineZP cause it's free but I've yet to use it. I do everything handheld with live subjects at the moment and getting enough pics at slightly different DOF's to stack has been difficult so far. I definitely hope to progress to that eventually. Lots of people seem to like Helicon.

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