Williamson River, S. Oregon

Iam headed to S. Oregon over the Memorial Day weekend and spending one day floating the Williamson River. The only thing I know of this river is that it is a large spring creek wiyh blue ribbon trout fishing. Does anyone have any 1st or 2nd hand knowledge of this river? Flys - drys, streamers, nymphs? It opens May the 25th, and I will be fishing on the 27th so fishing reports are and will be pretty thin. Thanks, Aaron. :DUNNO
Me and five other guys spent an extra long weekend down on the Williamson last august chasing the lake run fish. The fishing sucked on the williamson. Day one was three boats, six guys, no fish. Probably just a bad day, as the water is well known for good fish. I kept an eye out on the guides and never saw them catch anything either. The tecnique for the big boys was to use an intermidiate line, long fine leader, small nymph or soft hackle, and slowly strip/let it hang below the boat. This is what I was told and I saw the guides doing as well. The fishing was pretty good in the evenings though, with good hatches of Caddis comming off. Elk hairs and partridge and orange were scoring well, and we caught some respectable fish, but no giants. We split up on different waters in the area the next days and I did much, much better(pay to play). This fly shop is right on the river:www.trophywaters.net

We fished the Williamson last summer and it is a hard river to fish. The best advice I could you is to keep your flies relatively small and then go with a flourocarbon tippet. We fished nymphs with intermiediate sinks and had fair luck. The fish are regularly pounded so they are tough to hook-up. Don't overlook the froggy water, this is where we found the big, lazy lake trout to be hanging out. Check with the fly shop to find the flies to use - I can't remember. Good luck

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