Click Pawl reels?

Lurk the 'bay for a legit English made Hardy Marquis. Right now I run a Korean made Marquis Salmon 3 I bought new for I think $325. I've had no issues whatsoever. A little tiny bit of spool wobble but nothing bad at all.
I'll throw in another opinion for Young. Relatively inexpensive and will last forever. I actually like them so much that I sold a couple of Hardys I had and now have Young (I think they sound better and have better springs)
Chris, I don't have any experience with farlows myself. I nave read however that after 1940 many were made for them by youngs. After about 1958 sharpes of aberdeen made reels for farlow also. Thats all I know about them.

Dan Page

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Any of the Farlow Serpents, Python's, etc. are all good solid reels but have been increasing in price of late. They are not palmable spools, but that's not a big deal and actually makes them less damageable. If possible check to make sure springs still have some strength to them.


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And if you go for more modern reels, there's the Tibor and Abel and Lamson speys, and Speyco makes a reasonably priced and very inventive line of reels, pretty tough too.

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