anyone have a new 4/5 wt. reel they would like to sell?...

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looking for a good quality/priced reel for a friend's birthday. let me know what you have, and we'll go from there. thanks!
Hello Robert

Are you still looking for a reel for your friends Birthday? 4/5 wt.
If you are I have 2 possabilities for you to consider.
One is a black Scientific Angler system 2 45L( with backing on it)
New price in Cabellas Catalog is $124.95. I'm asking for $90.00

The other reel is a Ross Colorado #2 . Grey in color with backing on it.
New price was $105.00. I'm asking $80.00

Both reels were used once by my wife who doesn't want to fly fish.
Cheers David;-) javascript:smilie(';-)')
I have an OKUMA Integrity 4/5, used one day so it's like new. Yours with backing already on it for $40!

I've gone to all Tioga's...

Anyone want it???
425-761-0196 cell

Richard E

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anyone have a new 4/5 wt. reel they would like to s...

Daiwa 706 reel, click Hardy knockoff, excellent condition, 5 weight reel, may still have the instructions and maybe the box;

WITH an extra spool in primo condition.

Both with backing (by itself would be $15 in the shop!).


If you want it, let me know right away before I decide to keep it. It's a great package for the money!

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