Saltwater fly boxes for large flies - DIY

With the recent PS Stinger Clouser Swap it got me thinking about wether I really had adequate storage for all my SW flies, especially the larger ones and I realized that I didn't. My current method leads me to always switch boxes etc. I have good in house storage (those plastic boxes with compartments from the craft store) and then what I usually do is empty one of my Morrell boxes and reload it with what I think i'll need for a particular trip.

I fish alot and am always between the salt, the rivers and even lakes. Sometimes solo and sometimes with my kids. I like doing it the way I do now where I select the flies prior to the trip out of my own "bins", this way I know what I have with me. If I had individual boxes for each body of water i'd end up forgetting what's in them and would probably be lacking in specific flies for the target at hand...

As I enjoy doing most things myself (if and when I can) I was thinking that I'd like a box with slits, like the Cliff boxes, except I didn't want to drop that kind of coing for a fly box and they are rather huge, at least some of them are... So I scoured the web and found this cool way of making your own. I've used the regular plastic boxes where I've just dropped them all in there but I'm weird about separating my fished flies from my unfished flies after use. :). I rinse them when done...

Who else here has on the water DIY fly storage?

I'm going to give this one a shot.
made one like this:
just a plano box with several layers of craft foam (the kind with one side that's sticky), then I just used boxcutters to cut slots lengthwise in it. Cost was probably $5-6.

I actually prefer these though (I made several):
pistol case (I think it's Plano as well) that snaps shut a little better and can hold bigger flies. made the same way as above...cost is probably closer to $10 a box.

obviously none of these are saltwater flies, but I have one of the bottom ones filled with salty streamers and it works great for that...(3 layers of foam instead of 2)


Jim Darden

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I store them in the bags the bass fishermen use to hold their rubber worms and swim baits. They have zip lock see thru envelopes in a cloth zipper pouch. This really helps if the flies are BIG, but it may be overkill for your application. I'm using it for blue water flies.

Chris Bellows

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thanks for posting this. many of the DIY stuff is such that the savings don't outweigh the trouble of making it. this one looks simple and cheap.