Ashes Lake

Shawn West

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The boat ramp is closed to the public. The guy that is living on that property has permission from the land ownwers. There is access to Ashes Lake from the Columbia River. There is a culvert that connects the two. I have not found a place where I could launch my pontoon on the Columbia that is close enough for me to access the culvert. I did, however, find a walking trail that will take you to the west side of the lake. If you could get your yak to the waters edge, you could launch from there. I am considering bringing along some pruning sheers and making the path a little larger so I can carry my pontoon in. I believe that side of the lake is county property. Hope this helps.



Rob Allen

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the large fish should have vacated the lake by now. time ti target them on the main river. by mid Aug. the top water bite should be good.

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