Dumbest Carp question ever asked...

Jay Burman

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Don't eat them. It's a fishery that almost no one bothers with. If eating them becomes popular we may lose a good thing. BTW in Poland the traditional Christmas dish is boiled Carp with melted butter. Yum!
Pike minnows taste better. Highly reccomend

I don't know if you are kidding or not... However if you think about it, they eat everything a trout does, and after they reach 12" in length, 95% of their food source is other small fish.

That's why they are so stinking bad for our poor little salmon and steelie smolt in river systems.


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I ate at several nice restaurants in Budapest that had carp on the menu. I really wanted to try it, but couldn't pass up the Wels catfish and zander (i.e. European walleye) that was also on the menu.

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