Myth busted

The far bank isn't where all the fish are.

Took my raft on its maiden voyage and fished all that seductive water I could never get to before. Didn't catch squat except a stick and a sunburn. Fun day regardless.


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The far bank certainly is always the far bank, regardless of where you are. Steelhead don't look at it quite like that though. They're lazy and usually choose the "easy" side, we need to figure out which is the "easy" side...


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I caught a really nice huge tree branch last time I was out. It is my new 18' spey rod.

I pulled a complete spinning setup out of the river this weekend, complete with reel, trolling spinner, split shot, two octopus hooks (with barbs), and a bobber (red and white). Cut the crap off and washed the mud away, gave it to my fiance. It's her new fish-pole. Other than that I got bupkis.

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