Banks Lake ??

My buddy and I are headed up to banks tomorrow. Haven't chased any smallies this year and decided it's time. I've usually fished the south end, but the access road I've used has been gated. Wondering whether it's worth heading up to the Steamboat area. Is the smallie fishing any better up there? What are the best access points? My friend has a little Livingston w/ an electric trolling motor if that would be beneficial. This is generally a little later than I've fished up there so I'm also wondering if they've moved into the deeper water. I'm not looking for your favorite rock to stand on, but any info that folks are willing to share is appreciated.
There were huge smallmouth and even bigger largemouth patrolling the shores of the Devils Punchbowl the other day. I only got one big bucket mouth to take, but pulled it right out of it's mouth on the set. If you find structure, you'll find crappie too.
There is a launch at Steamboat and one at Northrup, but to avoid their fees I just drag my pontoon boat down to the water wherever I can.
Thanks Trip. Where is the Punchbowl? If I remember correctly you can drive down to the shore on the south side of the peninsula out to the park.

Jay Burman

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I fished it 2 weeks ago for Carp. The water level is higher than usual. Early morning and evening the bass should be hungry.
It was no bueno. Fished around the islands across from Steamboat. Coulda been the wind. Coulda been the fishermen. Thanks for the advice.