Hello All:

I was just wondering how the Yakima is fishing this week. I haven't heard much lately so maybe someone could fill me in. I will be camping on Friday night (yes I know I am crazy to fight the crowds) at Sportsmans near Yakima and was hoping for any advice that might be out there. I am not a complete moron, I know to bring plenty of caddis, nymphs, and streamers but am open to any other advice ie good public access that doesn't get pounded! Good luck fisherpeoples. If you desire privacy [email protected]

The valley received lots of rain early this week and the river got blown out. Hopefully, with dryer days on tap, it should be in decent shape by the weekend. I have found that following a good rain, when flows are returning to normal, a weighted San Juan Worm fished close to the bank will produce nicely. Trail a Prince or Hare's Ear behind it. If you're really aggressive (i.e., don't mind losing lots of flies on the river bottom), tie on a big weighted Stone Fly with the San Juan as the trailer. Flows are getting pretty high now and you need to get down where the fish are. You'll hit a lot of snags, but you'll also hit fish and I think you'll find that the fish you get will be on the larger end of the Yakima spectrum. :THUMBSUP