Damsel Nymph Experimental


I'm not happy with the damselfly nymph patterns I normally use. So, I came up with this guy.

I've tied it as a half WB... the idea is that I want the fish to see the pattern legs from any direction and because the total length of a damselfly nymph includes the tail, I'm attempting to make the thorax area give a larger appearance as with the real bug.

I need to hit some of the Cascade lakes to try the pattern as damselfly nymphs are extremely common in those lakes... maybe next weekend I'll head up to Gold... at least, that's the plan.



Jim, there's evidently lots of reasons patterns don't work :)

The true test is if the trout try to eat the thing. A lot of folks fish damselfly nymphs under and indicator and I sort'a tied this one with that in mind.

Jim Ficklin

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True, that. I tied some one time that were so anatomically-correct that they looked as if they would molt & fly away. Fish wouldn't look at them. The various patterns I have that DO work are very simple. But, it's a never-ending quest to fine-tune or come-up with a pattern that's better.


Lando, that one is a dandy! But as you say, it is fairly complicated to tie and I am the less is more kind'a guy when it comes to trout patterns. Bait fish patterns and poppers for bass are a different story. In fact, I'm working on some new bass poppers right now and have paint on my fingers to prove it :)

I used to tie a damsel that looked much like that, just a bit darker, for a gentleman who fished in New Zealand. All I can say is that he swore by it and I would tie about three dozen a year for him.


Bob, I'm also tying the pattern in a darker olive color. The one shown was tied with "damsel olive" and I've noticed that color does darken down when wet. I thought the color was too light before I started using it. Sometimes we forget that when a pattern is wet, it takes on a darker look.

I'm very glad to read that someone has used a similar pattern with good success. Perhaps I'm not really wasting my time :)


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Gene - toss a couple of the ones I gave you; would be curious to see if they work in the lakes...(I tried one up on the Q-stream and the fish seemed to like it).