a super scare!

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
We had our hearts handed to us last Sunday! While our cigar club was camping up in the Okanogan, our older Golden, Fiona, disappeared. Ed, Jason and Terry knew about it (and thanks guys, for your support, prayers, and good vibes!). Fiona's 10 going on 11, and for an old dog to pretend she's answering the call of the wild is definitely NOT smart, but she's Fiona, and so she ran off chasing quail. We were heartbroken, and stayed an extra day searching, calling, all for nothing. All the neighbors got contacted there, Home Again chipping service put out an alert to all the vets and shelters, County dispatch also put out an alert to their personnel, and we were pretty sure something had gotten her. She disappeared so fast, too. One minute she was there, the next, gone like mist on a breeze. Thursday night though, I got a call from Mike Johnson, one of our host's neighbors. They'd found Fiona, safe, tired, dirty but otherwise healthy. We drove back up and picked up the wayward doggie daughter yesterday morning. Dad promptly grounded her for the rest of this month. So the moral of this story is: love your puppydog like there's no tomorrow, because there might just NOT be another tomorrow. Take photos, because that may well be all you have.
Get your dog vaccinated for rattlesnake venom if you take them out to where theres the potential to get bit. I dont know if its a readily available vaccine up there, but its pretty much SOP down here. My vet had an awful day a few years ago, 12 dogs in a single day brought in for rattlesnake bite. The vaccine isnt expensive and can save your dogs life.

Rob Ast

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Ouch. Glad everything turned out okay. It's amazing how fast they can disappear when they are onto something. To be away from home and gave this happen must be terrifying.
Don't know what I'd do if Ghillie ever went missing. I know my wife would be heart broken if Tess ever disappeared. We sure get attached to our furry faced kids, don't we? S'cuse me, gonna go hug my dog.


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Also, I'm so glad she's back! What a relief for you guys! I totally understand how attached we get to the critters and the panic when they disappear. Pete, 11, seems to be getting senile and has wandered off 3 times just in the last year. Once, he was found 5 miles away the next day. The couple said when they opened the door, he just walked in and jumped up on the couch! He's chipped and has ID on his collar but panic is an appropriate description when he takes off. I sure hope Fiona learned her lesson and if not, the 30 days of grounding will give her plenty of time to think!

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Tandy found a gps system that doesn't have the two shocking prongs; just the locator. We're gonna get us some! And thanks, everyone, for your prayers and good thoughts! It was 5 harrowing days that I never want to go through again. You don't have any closure at all, and just lie there in bed wondering.....