Holy bluegill, Batman


It's all good.
I recently spent a long weekend at Brasada Ranch near Bend to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary, and we fished the little C&R ponds on the property. They're stocked with LMB and bluegill. I seriously underestimated the inhabitants of this water the first time I approached it and got schooled by a couple of big bass that laughed at my 4x tippet and 4wt. These bass were nabbing 5 inch bluegills as I was trying to land them and taking off across the pond with them - I only got 1 out of 4 of those back. Unintentional bait fishing! One of the bass that snapped me off on a fly (soooo close!) had to have been 5 lbs. The real kicker, though, was this bluegill that I landed on a small bead head bugger. I'd never seen a gill this big before.
In that one pic, you can see he's longer than my hiking boot (boot is just under 12 in!) and he had to have been 2 inches thick. He fought like crazy and was released unharmed, of course. Lots of fun! big gill.JPG big gill 2.JPG
i believe hybrid bluegill are a cross between bluegill and green sunfish. i think it looks more like a standard gill myself. regardless of what it is, it is a beast. great fish!

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Nice fish, there are a number of artificial hybrid sunfish crosses, I did a master's thesis on red ear x green sunfish. The one you have looks like pure bluegill. Bream (pronounced "brim") down this way that get that big are know as "tittie bream" because you have to hold it against your chest with one hand while you unhook it with the other hand. If you overstock the largemouth bass, you will get bluegills approaching or exceeding a pound each, depending on the fertility of the water and so forth. They are great fun on a fly rod especially when you catch them bedding in the shallows. They love foam spiders!


A small lake was located next to the fairgrounds just outside of town. The lake was hidden by trees and blackberry bushes... but you could fight your way to the water.

It was full of bluegill and bass. The bluegills were actually larger than the small bass and very close to the size of the one shown above. They were the largest gills I've ever caught and the lake was full of them.

Then tragedy hit. The lady who owned the mill and the lake was advised by some idiot to drain the lake because she'd be open to a lawsuit if an angler drowned in the lake. So she drained the lake.

The really sad part is that in Oregon, if you open your property to the public for hunting and/or fishing, you are not held liable for anything that happens to the sportsman while on your property hunting or fishing (short of installing booby traps and land mines). It's called the Sportsman Doctrine.

So, she received bad advice and we lost one fantastic bluegill fishery.