Official "Sign up" for volunteer boat/judges for 2014 2 Fly

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Deleted one who has to move and added those who confirmed they're in or are "maybes".

If you don't see your name on the list, let me know. Thanks again for helping us out.

Ed Call

Well-Known Member
Come on folks, the updated list has 16 rowers confirmed. That is eight boats shy of the number needed. That is eight veterans and eight helpers that don't get to participate...
I will be available around to help with intake, or whatever you need help with in camp on Friday, I will roll in around noon. And of course to row/judge on Sat.
David Ward
Jerry, question about the shuttle/parking. When my rig gets parked at a pay to park take out, how is this taken care of? Should I leave money for the fee with? Pay in advance? I don't want you guys taking donation moneys for my parking fees.

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