The story behind the Crazy Charlie fly pattern

It's a standard down here for croaker, corbina, bay bass, mackerel. I have also caught barracuda, pompano, flounder, and baby jack crevalle on a crazy charlie
The Gray Reefer

I tie extra-heavy Crazy Charlies with solid nickel barbell eyes instead of hollow chain beads. And make them extra sparsely tied too. And use them instead of split shot on the leader. Knot a tippet to the bend of the Nickelball Charlie and attach an unweighted or only slightly weighted nymph or wet fly to that. Sort of the wet fly corollary to the hopper dropper.

Split shot don't catch no fish. And bean busting Crazy Charlies do. You'll catch more fish on the small not-weighted wet fly. But you'll often catch the two biggest (Montana trout) of the day on the Nickelball Charlie. I started fishing that way on a three day float downstream from the Gray Reef dam on the North Platte one April. In Wyoming. When the rainbows were spawning. So I call that rig the Gray Reefer.
Been thinking about trying those for SRC, do you do anything different with regards to tying to accommodate the different target species? How do you fish them? Fast retrieve? Slow retrieve? Swung like a marine worm in the current?


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Being pretty much a noob tier I simply followed the tutorial here:

IIRC, I fished with a medium to medium-fast retrieve. Not as fast as with a baitfish pattern obviously.

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