My Policy


After a lifetime of fishing, and over twenty years as a fly fisherman, and almost eight years as a professional, there is one simple thing I am certain of: we do not need to kill wild Trout and Steelhead in order to enjoy our fishing experience. When you fish with me you will fish with barbless hooks and will return all fish to the water without avoidable injury. We will retain no fish for any reason. I am a Catch and Release Fly Fishing Guide only.

"A good game fish is too valuable
to be caught only once.:
Lee Wulff

At all times while on the trails, beaches, or on the water, we will make every reasonable effort to practice "leave No Trace" ethics. We will always pack out whatever we pack in; "Taking only memories and leaving only footprints." I view our natural resources as an inheritance, a legacy that we all have the stewardship of. I you feel that way too.