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Egg eatting residualized steelhead

Egg eatting residualized steelhead

Caught this 12 or 14 inch trout nymphing this giant egg on the Klickitat 10/10/04. Think this fish likes eggs? Look at that belly! Note the partial adipose clip. I was told that alot of the Skamania Hatchery steelhead plants residualize like this.

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That's a cuttie/cutbow, and a nice one! They are suckers for orange.

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But it was clipped. Nobody (hardly) is clipping cuts or cutbows. The Maxillary is too short for a cut. And this was in the Klickitat, where cuts have been expircated.

I need put a measuring tape up to the reel so I can estimate the size of that fish.

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