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    Temple Fork Outfitters BVK 10 foot 5 weight rod in excellent condition. With rod sock, no tube, never came with one. $240 insured and shipped in U.S. Has been used for one summer then stored for the last year as I bought a 6 weight same rod. Thanks for looking Mike
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    Sold. Asking $275. Local pickup near Monroe, WA. Buyer pays shipping CONUS. Great Condition, used about a dozen times.
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    So I can get my neighbor to give mine a rest when I'm rowing, I told him I'd put a feeler out here to see if anyone has one they want to sell! A 9'6" would also work. Thanks.
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    Hardy Zenith 10' 6wt Looking to trade for a 7 or 8wt Scott radian Or $425.00 shipped
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    For Sale: G Loomis IMX FR1206 10' 6wt 2pc Fly Rod Offering a new in tube, never fished classic pre-Shimano, pre-GLX Loomis rod. Made in the USA, this is rod was manufactured in either late 1992 or early 1993. It represents the second generation of the IMX rods as evidence by the lack of Gary...
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    hello good sirs and possible misses, i built the rod in question and did not like it as a single hander; required too much effort vs. my 8'6" to cast similar distance with dry flies. instead of selling it i am now considering rebuilding the butt piece for a two handed type setup for large...
1-6 of 6 Results